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About us

About Bentsifi.

For years, an open secret, you can now also enjoy bona fide adventures with Bentsifi’s treasure trove of experiences...

About Us

Meet Bentsifi's Treasures.


Crusader for the wonders of Ghana for decades, BENTSIFI has been offering solutions to the tourism industry since 1992, executing bespoke itineraries for domestic travellers, while preparing delectable culinary offerings for guests along the way. We created a lifestyle & concierge philosophy around experiences where gastronomy combined with exploring the country evokes a palpable sense of happiness, and we call it “WangoWango”.

Don't Be Told, Experience It too

The crusader with a deep passion for tourism, hospitality and travel content curating authentic culinary excursions around Ghana, as well as sustainable travel experiences in Africa.


Relive history through our heritage, Every experience is an adventure and Experience festive occasions with rich cultural values.


Bentsifi welcomes leisure and business guests, offering a space in a kind of enlarged house, with a deeply intimate atmosphere.

Travel Content

The team at Travel Business lounge Ltd look forward to building a long-term relationship with yourselves and providing you with a travel service which is second to none.

Trusted by global brands

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