Accra Life

‘Accra Life’ is a monthly online listings guide, with a limited print-run. It offers the hospitality community a focused and unparalleled avenue to promote their business, and leisure seekers the ultimate medium to escape to, and discover “vacation Ghana” over and over! Providing a steering lead to the visitor experience, and a guide to up-to-date entertainment listings, its features provide a complete insight into the country’s indigenous people and communities, culture and events, heritage and attractions, tourism and hospitality establishments. It, therefore, presents a multi-layered, socially connected interactive experience and a design space which backs the unveiling definition of Ghana’s tourism we strive to achieve. ‘Accra Life’ supports the entrepreneurial adventures of Ghanaian youth, and the dynamism of Ghanaian business, and craves an expansive forte in the travel and tourism marketplace, and sharp the visitors experience into a positive one. Each edition of the ‘Accra Life’ offers first-hand, insider information from people who have visited and know the communities they write about. Reflecting the dynamic lifestyles of the target audience; travelers, visitors, local leisure-seekers, the ‘Accra Life’ will become a vital medium for targeting this active and receptive audience with considerable buying power!