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In 2015, as part of efforts to solidify our role as advocates for domestic tourism we started our passion project, ‘See Ghana’, a campaign which sought to educate on Ghana’s touristry gems, and executed experiential tour itineraries that were not only focused on fun, but also responsible and sustainable excursions that contributed to local life.

In 2018, a need arose for an expansion to make it more all encompassing – to include artisanal products, services and experience offerings in hospitality, tourism and retail that have a value chain or employment factor that is at least 90% Ghanaian sourced – The name of the crusade was, thus, changed to ’Do Ghana’. 

In 2020, we launched the “Do Ghana Travel Festival” as the key vehicle to activate to advance our objectives sustainably.

With an aim to complement national efforts, our approach is to collaborate and connect with brand values that cement brand equity for our partners to achieve our main objectives which are to;

  • inspire an unceasing national movement of domestic tourism to stimulate and help build a robust economy
  • drive traffic to fill our regional hotel rooms and encourage patronage of heritage and leisure attractions across the country
  • engage audiences across the country to feel the sense of pride that comes with patronizing, participating and enjoying in what is inherently ours.
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