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GH Female Musician Appreciation Month

April is marked in many places around the world as Jazz Appreciation Month. Let’s modify that into a celebration of an appreciation for our local GH female musicians. Today, we celebrate…

25. Sherifa Gunu

The music goes straight to your feet whenever the Tamale-born, ever-energetic singer/dancer Sherifa Gunu, takes to the stage. She infuses traditional rhythms into her songs but still remains contemporary.
Her view has always been that beautiful musical patterns abound in northern Ghana and musicians from there must explore and exploit them to enrich what they do. Starting off as a dancer, she first contested in the National Dance Championship around 1996 and got to the finals. She got into music when she competed in the hiplife segment of the 2002 Miss Ghana contest. She released her maiden recordings in 2005. Sherifa does not accept the notion that songs from this part of the world can only cross boundaries when rendered in English, French or in some other European language. Several of her songs are in Dagbani, the language of the Dagomba people. Always a frank talker, Sherifa loves to deal with social issues such as child marriage, peaceful co-existence, sexual abuse and domestic violence in her songs.

By: Nii Laryea Korley


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