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GH Female Musician Appreciation Month

April is marked in many places around the world as Jazz Appreciation Month. Let’s modify that into a celebration of an appreciation for our local GH female musicians. Today, we celebrate…

16. Wiyaala

The massive international visibility Wiyaala enjoys now is evidence of her tenacity to succeed at all costs. Smart enough to realize one didn’t need to be like everyone else to shine, she started to create a brand of her own after leaving  Black n Peach, the trio she was part of which won the  Vodafone Icons Mixed Edition competition in May 2012.
Referred to as Noella Wiyaala up till that time, she decided to use her surname alone as her performance name and has displayed immense originality, wowing audiences everywhere she’s been to.  The outstanding point she has made is that it is more rewarding to steer one’s own path. Wiyaala self-released an album in 2009, a year before she unsuccessfully tried to be part of the Stars of the Future contest in 2010. With failure not part of her diction, she made it to Stars of the Future in 2011 and got to the finals. She always appreciates her roots and is certainly bound for greater things.

By: Nii Laryea Korley


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