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Of live stage showers, pleasant surprises & kudos to them that deserve

There wasn’t much activity at the venue. I was curious because what I’ve become used to seeing at such high profile public awards shows is that they start with “Red Carpet” sessions which often collect swarms of people dressed to the nines at the entrance showing off their fashion. Then I checked the time. I knew I was late, having earlier on returned from a trip to Takoradi, but I hardly thought it was past 10pm. Way passed, and I learnt that the show had not even started. When I decided, after the rather tiring day, to still venture out for the night, I thought I’d just catch the finale of the event and possibly catch the performance of whoever the ‘Artiste of the Year’ would be. I didn’t know I was in for a delightful shock, to see the entire spectacular show from the beginning!

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After waiting for over an hour for the show to start, I was about to give up and leave when even after midnight, it didn’t seem like it was about to begin. There was a flurry of activity inside the full auditorium though. The ‘Red Carpet’ sessions were over and everyone was seated anticipating the show to commence. I had been ushered to a front-row seat near the center stage. There were multiple-stage points, one at either end of the room, and 1 in the center. A rather very innovative set-up. The event was clearly, well, for me – having been in production over 20 years myself – set up for the convenience of a television production.

Suddenly, it was showtime! The audience response was charged, and if the reputation of the producers of this awards event was anything to go by, there was great anticipation for multiple showstoppers. They did not disappoint. A few minutes into the opening act which featured new-kid-on-the-block, Black Sherif, an effective shower rained a dizzying spectacle never seen on a Ghanaian stage. I was on tenterhooks! Water and electricity on such a stage. But, it was such a beautiful and defining moment. For the event, as well as for ‘Blacko’, who rendered his latest hit “Kweku The Traveler” with a choir giving everyone goosebumps and causing a “rush for the song when it later got released,” as was explained by my pal, Selorm Ameza, the “Poetic Story Tailor”.

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That intro performance stole our hearts and gave birth to one of the biggest songs from Ghana right now. “Kweku The Traveler” is currently riding high on charts around the world, including No. 76 on Apple Music’s Top 100 Global, No . 1 on Nigeria’s Top 100 Chart on Apple Music, No 1 on YouTube’s trending music list, No . 1 on Gambia Top 100 Chart on Apple Music and No.1 on Shazam Top Songs – Global!

Sadiq Abdulai Abu. Photo: 3MusicAwards/Instagram

All the things I want to say about the 3 Music Awards, which has become “the lifeline changing the narrative of the Ghana music industry, bringing top notch professionalism onto the music scene,” has been said by Selorm. I doff my hat to the crew behind the production, led by Sadiq Abu. They rallied round well and pulled off a spectacular event, in spite of obvious glitches, which we very quickly forgot owing to the fabulous staging we witnessed. From lighting to sound to thrills, let me borrow Selorm’s descriptions which, frankly mirror what I want to say.

“The costume designer did an awesome job with styling the artistes and dancers. Loved every single outfit on the stage and it was bright and breathtaking. The production seems to have suffered a few glitches but then it wasn’t something to mar the beauty of the event. They deserve our praise. Even the press event publicity was top notch with very beautiful and attractive flyers all over social media. And most of all, the performances were all very well choreographed and executed. You could see that everything was well rehearsed and so it was flawless at every angle. Having Kuame Eugene perform that well planned highlife tribute to Nana Ampadu was also one of the high points for me on the night. I love hiplife music and was glad to see the younger generation appreciate highlife that way.”

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The medley performance featuring today’s hottest acts was just as great an addition to how much the producers pay attention to details on every level. I agree with Selorm when he says, “Ghana music would get better in a few years to come with the presence of the 3 Music team always looking to challenge themselves and create lasting memories. They’ve arguably become the guiding force and trusted plug professionally pushing most of our new millennial and Gen Z musicians to achieve international feats and we can all see the results.”

They are onto their next adventure, the team from 3 Music, a Fan Festival on May 14 at Untamed Empire featuring music, fashion and food; another hit of an event in the making! All the best to them.


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