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GH Female Musician Appreciation Month

April is marked in many places around the world as Jazz Appreciation Month. Let’s modify that into a celebration of an appreciation for our local GH female musicians. Today, we celebrate…

9. Yasmeen Helwani

Yasmeen is a versatile singer who defies categorization. Daughter of the late well-known music producer Faisal Helwani, Yasmeen says whether she does Jazz, Reggae, Afrobeat , Highlife, or any other style she tries to express, they are all held together by one link and that’s Soul. She made her first public appearance at the age of nine and her debut album came out when she was 17. She’s done more albums after that, some of which contain beautiful play-me-again tracks. At times when Yasmeen who has a degree in Business Economics had been busy with other pursuits, fans had asked if she was done with music. Her response had been that she would never quit music and that she wasn’t into it for the superficial ‘fame and fortune.’ To her, music is her eternal love.

By: Nii Laryea Korley


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