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GH Female Musician Appreciation Month

April is marked in many places around the world as Jazz Appreciation Month. Let’s modify that into a celebration of an appreciation for our local GH female musicians. Today, we celebrate…

5. Maya Acheampong

Maya is part of a young crop of female instrumentalists ambitiously clawing their way up the musical ladder in Ghana. She has been a member of the Women of Colour all-female band since 2019.

Maya fell in love with the trumpet when she saw Nigerian singer, pastor, and trumpet player, Nathaniel Bassey perform in 2017. She said the trumpet kept blaring in her ears long after the concert.

She managed to find a teacher in 2018 and played with brass bands to practice the skills she was being taught. Her teacher later recommended her to the Women of Colour band. She now combines playing with the band and attending the Ghana Police Music Academy.
Maya feels she has been blessed with the gift of being able to play an instrument and thinks it’s her responsibility to share that gift with anyone who hears her play.

By: Nii Laryea Korley


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