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GH Female Musicians Appreciation Month

April is marked in many places around the world as Jazz Appreciation Month. Let’s modify that into a celebration of an appreciation for our local GH female musicians. Today, we celebrate.

  1. Sita Korley

Sita is co-leader and Music Director of the Lipstick all-female band. She was turned on to music early in life through the influence of her trumpeter father, Satchmo Korley. She originally trained as a classical pianist but has stretched her wings to master other styles of music. She is a strong soloist who also knows how to stay in the groove to complement any kind of lead voice. Sita also teaches music at the University of Education at Winneba in the Central Region.

Korkor Amarteifio, former Artistic Director of the National Theatre says “Sita is also a graduate of the national Theater program Funworld in the early 90s. Her father used to tune our pianos and brought her along to play the piano at the funworld program. She was so small and everybody loved her. Wonderful how faithful she remained to her craft.”


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