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Of Tefle cashew farms, cashew burgers & art in Jewellery

My! Oh, my! Have I been cashewed out today! I am in disbelief, looking at all these cashew by-products. I’ve learnt, through a rather insightful, fun, and holistic way, having joined an edition of the Food Safaris organised by the Ghana Food Movement – this one in
collaboration with GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) and curated by Jolinaiko Eco Tours, to a cashew farm!

Book a WangoWango Tour: Connect with nature on our ‘Dine-in-the-Wild’ ‘OKERE Valley Fix’

I have learned so much from this one tour, delving deep with my 4 key senses of taste, sight, touch, and smell, covering a deep appreciation of Ghana’s cashew nut production. From nursery practices to processing and preparation. At the end, I got to understand how deeply important a cash crop, like cashew is, including its economic, culinary, and ecological potential. More importantly, its value chain, which involves many rural workers, especially women who are able to work through all the processes, even when they are pregnant, and still be able to make something of their lives.

I came across some really beautifully branded quality cashew products too! I learnt so much from just 1 tour – The Cashew Food Safari. I saw the contentment in the farmers. They were glowing! And, from our Brazilian chef, Leila who made us some banging burgers from cashew as well as the very aromatic sweet cashew juice. Very flavourful stuff indeed!

Leila, as in Borges, our chef, grew up in the Central region of Brazil and is educated in the use of medicinal plants including cashew in this field, and has been fascinated by the wide range of usability of the cashew fruit since her teenage years. Whoever thought cashew can give us so much more than just party nuts! And I learned it has 20 times more vitamin C than oranges!

Book a WangoWango Tour: Connect with nature on our ‘Dine-in-the-Wild’ ‘OKERE Valley Fix’

Look out for when next the Food Safari comes on. Join it, you will be in good company, enjoying a great day out and learning so much too. Not forgetting the networking with people you meet.

I am excited about this. Even more so, now that I hear through the grapevine that Nana Awuah and Daniel Buegyei, MD and GM respectively of PMMC, those who deal in precious minerals and Jewellery, are too. They, like me, seem to be keen on seeing the swift arrival of Saturday, March 25, the day set to host the ‘Who is Who’ in the Jewellery space in Ghana!

Featuring such luminary jewellery designers as Sun Trade beads, Cedi Beads, Wendy l’artisante, Selina Beb, and Aphia Sakyi – who got an email inviting her to create some of her pieces for Coming 2 America, the movie – you can be sure that the event we are all so anticipating is going to be quite a show-stopping one!

It’s the Jewellery Art Show, and it enters the calendar as a body art and jewellery event showcasing Ghanaian Jewellery from a distinctive perspective. This 2022 edition is themed “The Box of Trinkets” and pays homage to how our forbearers stored jewellery in boxes. It will seek to explore and display indigenous African designs whilst touching base with the heritage imbibed in our cultural artefacts, with the ornaments on display made from gold, beads, silver, bauxite, bronze, diamonds, glass, clay, textiles, and so on.

Book a WangoWango Tour: Connect with nature on our ‘Dine-in-the-Wild’ ‘OKERE Valley Fix’

So, come the night of 25 March, at the Underbridge Event Centre in East Legon, Accra is going to be taken by storm, with a rain of raw creativity in a shower of breathtaking jewellery! You don’t want to miss this show. I certainly won’t!


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