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Of Camidoh’s gyrates, a salacious cherub named KiDi & Ghana Culture Day!

It’s how he gyrates the melodious Ewe lines in his songs that gets me spinning with excitement. In his latest hit, “Sugarcane”, like most of his other hits, the charming Camidoh delivers a few lines in his scintillating mother tongue and, it just makes you throw your head back and just jig to the beat.

Ghanaian artiste – Camidoh

He’s come a long way, that young man. From the moment I heard him a few years ago, and noticed his demeanor, I was dead sure this one was going to go far, and become a favourite. He had the trappings of endearment, a big characteristic being how blatantly humble he is. He still oozes this humility, even after becoming one of the most sought-after artists today. And there’s no gainsaying how much his management, George Britton Multimedia, using clever social media antics, have helped the young man grow into the big household name he has become, a big star!

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Ghanaian artiste – Camidoh

Camidoh is sensational, one act with delicious tunes you definitely need on your playlist. He’s carved such a niche for himself in the music space and is reaping well from it. These days, no party is considered a success unless his hits are rolled back to back!
Oh, and another making waves is Kelvyn Boy! His latest hit, ‘Down Flat’ is just a thrill to listen to. You can’t help but just start singing along. The tune is so infectious. And these days, each hit song comes with its own dance choreography. So, on social media, many people film themselves trying the dance moves and share. It’s become part of how music is promoted today. I’m loving Kelvin Boy’s number so much.

Kidi. Courtesy Instagram
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I’m not usually so enamored with celebs, but, KiDi, without effort gets me to take a second take everytime I see his image in a picture. Guy is so cool, with a suave sophistication that appeals to all manner of people. He looks like a tall cherub, and yet spicy, especially when he says “Shut up, and bend over” in his hit banger, ‘Touch It’! As my dear Akua describes him, “he’s so salacious!” And, oh, he can sing!

Kidi and Kuami Eugene. Courtesy Instagram

While on that subject, may I congratulate both he, the “salacious, spicy cherub, KiDi”, and my other very talented young music star, Kwame Eugene of Fadama, on their recent ‘Sold Out’ concert at the O2 Arena in London! Not a bad achievement by all standards! Kudos to all who made this happen, especially to their local management.

It’s all good, and even better that the cultural eco-scape, led by the Ghana Culture Forum is celebrating the 11th Ghana Culture Day, with the theme “Strengthening the cultural and creative industry for socio-economic development”.

Rolling out an Inter-Schools Debate, which took place yesterday at the Presbyterian Senior High School in Teshie, a number of topics were debated including “Do Cultural and Creative Industries play a role in the socio-economic development of a nation?” and “To make meaningful development as a nation, cultural and creative arts considerations must be central” with insightful outcomes.

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Dr Sarah Dogbartse, Head of Theatre Arts – School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana, Dr Sela Adjei, University of Ghana and Mr Abeiku Sagoe of Summit Consults, and GCF member were judges and they had much to muse over from the sessions. Deliberations continue with a symposium on the theme on Monday at the Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre for Excellence in ICT, near the State House, with Keynote Speaker, Mr Mike Amon-Kwafo, a Creative Consultant leading affairs. There’s never been a better time to believe in our culture than now.

Do make a point to join us either in person or online as the event will also be streamed live on Facebook – @ghanacultureforum.


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