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Of cashew safari, therapeutic still waters & coffee at Mekandi Riverside Resort

I’m staring at the still water, and I feel very aware of every tingling in the body. As I raise my head, I see, again, the expanse of the river, and across from me, in the far distance, I see the Kpong Dam.

This dam, also known as the Akuse Dam, was opened in 1982. Another hydroelectric power generating barricade on the lower Volta River near Akuse, like the Akosombo Dam, is also operated by Volta River Authority.

But, my fascination here today is with the serenity of my current location. I can’t remember how I discovered this place, but my first time here was nearly 10 years ago! I remember thinking grandly about how it is, some people have the foresight to pick such locations and truly create exciting experiences around them. Then, it was a quiet riverside lodge called Aseda.

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Today, I learn it’s under new management and has a new name: the Mekandi Riverside Resort. The water here, as water’s therapeutic nature goes, gives the place it’s serenading effects. I am totally serenaded, something I can’t get enough of. It’s my second day here, and I woke up this dawn just to come smell my coffee – my usual Kawa Moka brew I took along with me – by the still water.

This is just what I have dreamed of doing and as I manifest it, I wonder why life can’t be like this every day. I return to Accra today. I’m not looking forward to it. I wish I could stay a few days more and have Isaac, who’s been taking care of me, be at my beck and call some more. He’s been such a fantastic help, the young man has, very hardworking, attentive and just ensures I get whatever I ask for, including serving me a cold beer last night when I took a dip in pool.

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This morning, again, he was prompt with the flask of hot water for my Kawa Moka cuppa. And now, it is just bliss, smelling my perfect brew coffee as I sit here on the short wooden pier, staring at the still waters of Lake Volta, thinking what a blessed country we have!
This weekend, focus will be on the Central Region, for a fun filled weekend. There will be many activities taking place in the region, including Independence Day parade – as it’s been selected to officially host Ghana’s 65th independence anniversary, – alongside day-cations and tours. Hope you are going out there to partake in the festivities of this fun weekend.

There’s a Cashew Safari happening next Saturday, March 12, a part of the Food Safari series by the Ghana Food Movement, which curates a deep-dive into Ghana’s food culture, traditions and ingredients. It is done with unique trips to beautiful destinations, meeting up with and discovering the amazing people in the food chain, and making delicious dishes from them by some of Ghana’s most exciting chefs, led by Jolinaiko Eco Tours.

Book a WangoWango Tour: Connect with nature on our ‘Dine-in-the-Wild’ ‘OKERE Valley Fix’

Next weekend, we’re going to learn about the trees, orchards, nuts and apples that make the cashew experience, exploring a cashew nursery and grafting at Volta Cashew in Sogakope. We’ll indulge in tasting of the roasted delicious nuts, and experience a culinary afro-fusion lunch with cashew apples with Chef Leila, while we learn how kernel quality and pricing is determined during a demonstration by CWT near Tema. Oh, there’s a bonus. We also get to try some cashew gin, cashew wine or cashew milk and cheeses in the tasting sessions.

I don’t know about you but I will surely be basking in this one, as the demonstration will be with experts from the African Cashew Alliance, and agro-preneur farmer Daps from Volta Cashew Ghana Ltd.

Talk about a true nutty deep-dive! Among others like coffee, cashew isn’t one of those crops that come to mind when you think of Ghana, but these deep dives by the Ghana Food Movement is surely bringing the spotlight to the lesser known gems of Ghana’s culinary delights. It is certainly contributing to highlighting a sustainable food system in Ghana. This experience is delivered in collaboration with GIZ. Kudos to all involved.


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