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Of WangoWango cookouts, walking across Kakum’s treetop canopy & guided tours in Elmina and Cape Coast

Are you coming with us? You must have heard by now that ‘The Mirror’ has put together a scintillating itinerary of a staycation to Cape Coast this Independence Day weekend. Well, to the Central Region actually, and I can’t wait for us to get cracking at it.

Kakum National Park

It’s an overnight trip, with loads of excursions scheduled as part of the 2-day affair, including narratives and commentaries that are certain to ignite your sense of curiosity and fill you with exciting knowledge and pride about your country Ghana. You will learn the role the people who have lived in that general area designated as the Central Region today, have played in all of our country’s 65 years!

(Photo: Nana K Duah)

Mind you, the region’s flirtation with the nation Ghana, goes way beyond 65 years, to several hundred years when the indegenes came to settle there, long ago, before they were even visited by sea faring Europeans, who first arrived to trade with them in the 1400s. These visitors, welcomed the indegenes, settled along their coast, building trading posts like the Elmina Castle – the first ever European building in Africa – in 1482. Then subsequently, the one at Cape Coast, Abandze and other places.

I tell you, you don’t want to miss this very insightful tour which, on top of the imparting of all that knowledge, is also jammed packed with some major fun.

Kakum National Park

First, we shall be visiting the Kakum National Park, but, it’s the time we get to spend at Hans Cottage, where we will be lodging for the night, that I am most looking forward to.
Let me make a confession. The last time I was there, I had this rather scrumptious Fantsi-fantsi stew with Fantsi kenkey. I tell you, it was so fingerlickin’ good! Ooo, I’m salivating already!

Catch a canoe ride at Hans Cottage Botel

Kakum Park Manager, my buddy Edem, tells me they are now running at almost full throttle, after having to take a hiatus caused by the COVID pandemic. That was a challenging time for them, you know. It was the first time in their almost 30 years of providing that exciting adventure that they did not see any visitors coming there, owing to isolation precautions.

Even with a terrible road back then, people just throng on. Ironically, just when the road leading to the park was finally fixed, they had to close. I remember Edem sharing with me during that time, photos showing how his team, taking advantage of the break, decisively intensified their maintenance schedule, tightening up the ropes of the suspension bridges, among other key preservation protocols. The break turned out to be a blessing, as they also used the opportunity to correct a few things, allowing the Park vegetation to breathe. They even saw mammal activity increase significantly, with many seen at the car park area.

Kakum National Park

Kakum is one of the most strict institutions that follow laid down procedures to a tee, and with the new normal, as we revive tourism, you can be sure they have reviewed their safety and security protocols in the effort to give a more assured experience. Edem doesn’t compromise on that at all! Come along with us and walk across all 7 treetop canopy bridge walkways in style and get that bragging photo!

WangoWango cookout

It’s not only Fantsi-fantsi that will be on hand, it’s a vacation. We know that, and so we’re laying it all out! We have the WangoWango gang coming along and on the second day, they’ll be spreading their signature fingerlickin’ BBQ grills in chicken, pork, sausages, and, some fresh fish! Now, that’s a picnic you just don’t want to miss! Let’s go do Ghana!

Elmina Castle (Photo: Douglas Anane Frimpong)

You know we can’t go to Central Region and not visit any of the ‘must-visit’ attractions in Ghana – as they are designated UNESCO World Heritage Monuments, the Elmina and Cape Coast Castles! Guess what? We will do both! We will visit all of the places above on day 1, except the WangoWango picnic, which will be by Fort Amsterdam in Abandze, set overlooking the Atlantic ocean. Just imagine, biting into a juicy barbecue chicken, and as you look up, there, in full view, the Atlantic with its blue azure hue!

WangoWango cookout spread

This is the life! You need those bragging rights! Call 0248139150 or 0242202447 now to book a place on this journey. There are 2 options, either to return or sleep over. Whichever one you choose, come let’s go!

The sleep over package (GHC 759 for single and GHC1280 double) covers stay at Hans Cottage, visit to Fort Amsterdam, Stingless Bee Centre, Poolside party, and barbeque rave as well as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You may also choose the return trip option (GHC 380 single and GHC610 double) which includes a trip to Kakum National Park, Cape Coast Castle, Elmina Castle, breakfast, and lunch.


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