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Of Unforgettable brothers, & Graveside Remembrance

Returned to Busua yesterday. It was a quick turnaround trip. I led my late brother’s children in a brief private wreath-laying event at his graveside to commemorate the first anniversary of his passing.

You will recall about a year, my family experienced the double tragedy of suddenly loosing his wife, Ma Grace, and exactly two weeks later, my elder brother, Kojo Dadson of Home Sweet Home fame. It was quite a dizzying time. Grieving for a dear family member is bad enough. Having to do so for 2 within weeks of each other, and suddenly being thrown into; identifying the deceased at the morgue you have arranged for them to be sent, the search for caskets, and generally planning 2 Ghana style funerals during a pandemic that came with many restrictions, can take its toll!

What’s more, nothing in the time leading to their demise gave any indication of what was on the way, in spite of the fact that my brother had previously been struck down by a stroke. He had stabilized. After 9 years, he had gotten a rhythm. As had we too. It was his wife who we did actually worry more about. She did look physically tired, having become the “main man” tending to him, ensuring he takes his medication on time, and especially, that he follows a healthy diet.

A caterer who worked from home, she was pretty sedentary, causing her to develop blood clots which triggered what suddenly took her! Suddenly, giving us untoward shock! Our future readings did not include not having her around, at all. So, the turn of events just shook us to the core. Who was going to give our brother the level of care she gave?
That question, still on our minds was answered by the Universe, exactly 2 weeks after sister-in-law left.

Our brother followed, bringing sombre darkness to our world. Matters were directed at me to lead from our family side. I was the man nearest and most available to. Especially as we both shared a compound, so being that we were meeting for deliberations there, decisions were always left to me to take action on. It seemed then as though it was insurmountable, but, here we are. It’s already been a year since their passing.

Now, all we have left are the memories! And yesterday, I was chaffed when the children recounted many of their dad’s antics as we literally spent most of the day together driving to and fro. Oh, they took swipes at me too! Every characteristic gesture I made seemed to remind them, especially his girls, of him, and they would burst into a, “see, just like Daddy!” It was all warm and bounding. And I was ever so grateful for the commune. Family is important, hold tight onto yours.

This August, when he would have turned 70, we plan to have a more inclusive event to celebrate his life!

May both Ma Grace and Kojo Dadson have eternal rest.


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