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Getaway: Solo Visit or With a Group, Say Family, A Trip To Stone Lodge Is Always Worthwhile.

Escape the rut of the traffic bottleneck that crawls past Afienya, just as it eases after Michel Camp, and know that in a matter of minutes, you will be turning right at the Asutuare junction, and arriving at the sprawling grounds of Stone Lodge. After a few minutes drive, we come to the sign ushering us in the tree line avenue driveway leading to the large expanse of manicured lawns interspersed with individual chalets like cottages spread all over this property giving it its Woop Woop country character.

With branches of trees covering the concrete chalets, some built-in stone and roofed with thatch, it still doesn’t feel cramped anywhere, though the night ambient was clear wilderness. I am ushered to my room and find it has very basic amenities. I learn that guests have pressed for, at least, television with some movie channels, because originally, even that was off the grid. The idea was to have a place so country, it is disconnected from any reminisces of city life, yet current enough.

Tidy with white walls, which is my only reservation – in the wilderness, I wished it was all stone walls – there’s a welcoming bed, well laid with a quilt for when the air-conditioning got a tad too cold.

With different configurations, most of the rooms have a veranda with 2 chairs overlooking something of nature, something calming. This is my favorite place during my stay, as, being amply spaced from the other buildings, it offers me the opportunity to listen to my music on my small speakers and not disturb anybody.

Not even the peacocks that parade the grounds. Visiting early in the morning, the males open up their magnificent outstretched tails quivering at the females, making rattling rustling sounds. It is a joy to just sit and observe them, as I do every morning over a cup of Kawa Moka coffee that I took along. The kitchen was most generous, giving me a kettle to use.

Basic eggs and toast with a beverage is served at breakfast, but you may order additional proteins if you want. Sausages, baked beans, etc. And there are also traditional local dishes too.

There isn’t much to do around. Except use the pool, or go on a hike. Here, the idea is to rest. The kitchen does some mean local fare for lunch and dinner and the taste of the Fetri detsi dish I had the 2nd afternoon still lingers on my tongue.

I wish I could have stayed longer than the three days I did. My idea was to drive further half an hour upcountry to the Lake district in Asuogyaman and take in the Volta. Maybe even go on a cruise. And then come right back to the tranquility of Stone Lodge. And back in time to view the sunset.

Nature makes some exquisite patterns in the sky as the sun lowers over the dissidious tress in the horizon here.

Solo visit or with a group, say family, a trip here is always worthwhile. And I can’t wait to return.


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