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Inspector Bediako Relaunches on DStv Akwaaba Magic.

Statement by Kojo Yankah, creator, at re-launch of Inspector Bediako on Akwaaba Magic on DStv.

“My name is Kojo Yankah, the creator of the Inspector Bediako television series.

Why Inspector Bediako?
In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the continent of Africa saw a rise in the growth of the private media as a whole. This was an age that was commonly called the global world. With it came the invasion of foreign films, cultures, and images. It was my strong belief that Africans had to contribute to this new wave. We needed to allow our creativity to help turn the minds of our youth to what we could offer.

‘Bediako’ means ‘one who fights’, a rebel sort of. He is a fighter against domination, he is against crime, against corruption, he is a protector of society, he loves the culture of his society to be preserved, and he wants justice done at all times.

Bediako is not a mimic of any foreign character. He is African, intelligent, wise, and good-spirited. He has a sense of humor but does not compromise on his mission to make society a better place to live in. He leads his team with the same set of values.

Inspector Bediako is a private detective who does not need a gun to solve a problem. Occasionally he is backed by the regular police institution. Otherwise, his intuition, his instincts, his indigenous knowledge, and his familiarity with modern technology are his major skills. Above all, Inspector Bediako is African.

I am happy and proud of the rebirth of Inspector Bediako. It became very popular in the 1990s, thanks to my producers, directors, and artistes; and I have no doubt that it will be as educative and as beneficial to both young and old as it was in those days.
Thank you, Akwaaba Magic (DSTV), for recognizing and adding value to Inspector Bediako.

Thank you, viewers, for coming back to the screens. May Inspector Bediako live long and be beneficial to society.”


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