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Bentsifi’s Vibe: The C-Resort

No television, nor radio set. Just a bed, a wardrobe, writing table, fridge, air conditioning, and a fully functional bathroom with the roar of the Atlantic ocean steps away. That’s what’s on offer at the C Resort, a secluded honeypot of a retreat tucked away just minutes away in New Ningo, near Prampram.

Captain’s Cabin, the main house which welcomes you to the property, was the holiday home of a prominent family, who have moved a few yards away into newer modern flats, with the children now old with families of their own.

Spread across the front of Captain’s Cabin, before you get to the new stone buildings which together makes up the resort side of the property before you get to the beach where the sea’s waves come as it drops, is the most rustic outdoor living space, with nooks of various seating made up of stone, concrete and beautifully carved wood set under a large-brimmed tree. In the centre of all this is the biggest circular grill and stone platforms created for the table surface. A lovely centerpiece!

Further away about 10 meters from the very long concrete slab table with very solid wooden seats is a very enticing swimming pool. The whole facility is full of such character, and maybe because the family made it there most weekends for over 3 decades, you can just feel the love of community and friendship around you as you gaze on the entire setup. Every nook tells a story!

The attraction here for me is definitely the rural nature of the location. Private, secluded, and yet embracing, this is a gem of a haunt, and the calming effects of the ocean’s roar nearby is incredibly soothing!

The C has horses, ostriches, tortoises, and above all, lovely, lovely birds that sing in the mornings as they land on a branch nearby. The other newer side has the flats, occupied residences, but also with a larger swimming pool, a magnificent rooftop deck, and a restaurant. Order a cup of Cappucino, or fresh coffee and just sit and stir at the lawn neatly manicured by the pool. It’s pure therapy!

The C Residences and Resort pack of a trunkload of memories, even if you just visit on a day retreat. The shore suffers from the increasingly annoying menace of drifting pollution, but, I’m told it’s reduced much since the sea defense was constructed. This renders the beach ineffectual, but enough to take walks or still play if that’s your idea of fun. I’m super fine with a book in a nook, or in the hammocks, or sitting by the pool.


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