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Bentsifi’s Tattle: Yearning to go to Bolgatanga

Who would have thought, eh. That I would be yearning to go to Bolgatanga.

Well, knowing me and my wanderlust, I guess no one will be surprised I want to travel, but my choice of destination must be curious to even you. Bolgatanga! What’s there in Bolga besides the basket market?

Why, frankly, that market alone is enough to drag me there. And, the fact that it is also near the Paga Crocodile Pond, within minutes of the Salaga Slave Market and the mysterious Tongo Hills and Tengzug Shrines! Ah, and also, within reach of the Sirigu Women’s Organisation for Pottery & Art – SWOPA!

But, I tell you, all these places I’m yearning to revisit, is just so I can base at Bolga’s most prestigious address; the Akayet Hotel!

I haven’t been to Bolgatanga in a while. Not since Akayet was opened. And the Akayet! I love what I see of it on social media. Fascinating stuff! The hotel is prime and well appointed, tastefully set up to compete with any other the world over! I read its list of facilities, accommodation amenities and I am impressed.

Social media has really changed the way we live today, hasn’t it? Or should I say the internet. Isn’t it interesting and exciting how it helped to almost seamlessly transform working from the office scenario to working anywhere, once you have a laptop and access to the internet, which Akayet promises they supply! So, why can’t I just go stay there a few days, immerse in some tourism and get some work done in the process.

I have been thinking how many professional staff the Akayet can have access to in Bolgatanga. Then it dawn on me how easily they can attract the right people, given that we can see them excelling on social media. I would even love to join their team, live in Bolga.

Bolga’s most prestigious address, the Akayet Hotel!

In so long as there is internet and I can link up with and get advice and update my training with the people at HPNG, that’s the Hospitality Professionals Network Ghana, a non-profit development focused organisation set up within the hospitality industry in Ghana.

HPNG, which aims to create an environment that will offer support to all levels of the professional pyramid, and seek to actively promote capacity and the career growth of members through networking activities, is committed to fostering a coordinated front for professionals in the hospitality industry.

So, is Ghana set to take hospitality more seriously? You bet, with a network like HPNG providing a platform for policy discussions and advocacy within the industry. That, I know will certainly address industry issues and project the role of the hospitality industry as a contributor to employment creation and sustainable economic development.

And keep such fantastic facilities like the Akayet professional to make me yearn to go for a break, even if I’ll take my laptop along!

I like the idea that the Upper regions of our country are getting some good accommodation facilities that are making them look less and less remote. Like Bolga in the Upper eastern region with Akayet, so does the western region too have what is being referred to as Jirapa Dubai!

This is the Royal Cosy Hills Hotel in Jirapa. Another equally well appointed facility. Fully loaded with gym, spa, stocked up bar. Ah, soon, the northern regions will become Ghana’s hot plate for relaxation and, very likely, meetings too.


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