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About Us: Bentsifi

Storytellers and tourism curators, Bentsifi works with hospitality and travel brands on strategy and marketing solutions.

We’ve been around since 1992, and practice the highest form of ethical tourism, with a keen interest in being environmentally conscious.

Powered by Native Adventures, our tour operations division, our flagship WangoWango brand packs fun, adventurous, and insightful pursuits with culturally immersive and gastronomic experiences, and has been at the forefront of the domestic tourism movement since 2015.

We create our experiences in uncommon places and find that your serene site offers just such an environment for our quality family hangout. We, therefore, write to seek permission to occasionally visit your premises on weekends, where we will adhere to the utmost cleanliness code and always leave the premises as “spotless” as we met it.


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