Do Ghana

It is a celebration of our heritage, with evolving integrated consumer experiential and digital experiences, aimed at kicking some verge into the burgeoning domestic tourism movement, helping to build a robust economy,
as well as boost resilience to global travel shocks, while providing a “passport” to enjoying what is inherently ours.

For us at Bentsifi, tourism goes beyond visiting attractions and experiencing destinations. Tourism goes to the heart of our communities, our economies, and ignites the patronage of what is indigenous to us.

Championing our crusade and engaging audiences across the country, utilizing the current resurgence of domestic tourism, our passion project, Do Ghana, is designed to stimulate consumer-led events to spark a national movement for domestic tourism with key partners.

Our aim is to build economic prosperity in our hospitality and tourism sectors while connecting with brand values and cementing brand equity for those brands that collaborate with us.


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